Here’s what you lose if you don’t build your business website.

In this article we are discussing what you lose if you don’t build your business website. Most of the businessmen start their business with computers, furniture, machinery and much more but they are not building their website. They think that website building is an extra expense for business. Once I met one of the businessmen who just started his new venture. He started a clothing business. In our meeting we are discussing how to grow a business in a short time period but i tell him clearly that there is no shortcut in successful business. Yes you might get success early or sometimes it takes some time but you have to work harder and harder towards your goal. He wants me to handle their social media. I tell him that you must have to create a website first. And his reaction tells everything he said we don’t have to spend extra money, we’ll create our website once we become a brand. I answer him and I request you to focus on my upcoming words if you are businessmen or business owners and if you don’t have a website till now. If you think that I’ll build my website after my business becomes a brand. And website building is an extra expense.

I believe without a website your business can’t become a brand for sure. Even amazon created their website before amazon became a brand. And if you think that creating a website is an extra expense so I correct you my friend, creating a website is one type of investment in your business. Here’s what you lose if you don’t build your business website. more

You can’t build trust with your customer :

The first thing you lose is the trust of your customer if you do not create a website for your business. Some businessmen believe that only a good product or service can build trust with their customer but to continue their trust with your brand you have to create impact in your customers mind by creating a website and putting trending content over there. Website is just like a tree. If you invest a little amount of energy and money today it will give you 110% return on your investment for sure. But consistency is the key success of your website. if you just create your website but do not post some content and updates of your business, you will lose your customers’ trust. In this digital world customers check the website and social media of the company before they purchase. So it’s important for businesses nowadays to create their image strong on social media and on google.

You can’t expand your customer base :

The best part of digitalisation is that there is no boundary for customers. customers can buy anything from anywhere. But it’s possible by creating your business image on digital platforms. People must have your brand image in their mind. So whenever they see your company’s content it creates a strong image of your brand in  their mind. If you do not create a website or if you don’t have social presence then you can’t attract new customers for your business. And it’s hard to create a big customer base without a website because a website creates a huge impact on customers’ minds. Nowadays customers have become smarter than you think. They compare piece, service and quality online so it’s really important to directly affect customers’ minds. You can imagine this concept by putting yourself as a customer. That’s why websites are more important than holdings and posters I believe.     

You can’t make huge profit :

It’s really simple math. If you don’t have more customers you can’t make more profit for sure. Every business works for profit. No one works for free. So it’s important for businesses to reach maximum people as much as possible. Because as much as customers buy your product or service you can get that much profit and some of them become regular customers who buy your product repeatedly. And also new customers come into your business so this cycle goes on and on. And you earn profit out of your imagination. But it’s possible when you have a website for your business. You can make profit when more customers buy your product or service, the more customers buy your product or service when you create your company’s brand image in their mind and that brand image is created by creating a website and putting regular content on your website. I just want to remind you that creating a website is not an expense of your business. So keep that in your mind.     

You can’t grow your business globally :

If you are stuck in something and you want a solution where you go in most case….I guess you google it right? And get the right solution to your problem on google. If you are in India and search black shirt on google and google, show you some results. Same thing I searched on google from america google showed me the same result right. So look at this scenario there is no distance limit. I can buy the same thing from America which you buy from India. How wonderful it is! Google is a world wide web. if you are a diamond trader. From India and someone wants to buy a diamond from Hong kong. He searched on google if you have a website and you regularly update on your website you can sell that man directly without any commission and extra expenses.

Let’s suppose if you don’t have a website but your competitor has so he can easily grab that opportunity and that hong kong client buys from your competitor. And get only disappointment of not creating your business website. This is the power of websites. You can get international clients easily for your business or services. 

You can’t run your business for long time :

Have you ever experienced or seen in your neighborhood that some businesses shutdown in some time after the opening of business? Have you found the exact reason behind that failure? If you don’t find any problem I will find it. The main reason is the failure of business is just because they have no clear goal or no long term vision. Second, they have failed in creating relations with the customer. And the third reason is they do not try new things in their business. If you have that kind of fear in your business then don’t worry I have a solution for you. First thing you can do in this digital world is to create your website or any social present. So people understand your product and services. And it creates a positive impact in your mind.

Most of the people buy the product or service which they show in google and social media through their mobile. So firstly you have to enter their mobile. Through mobile you can easily enter into your customer’s mind. Secondly you can showcase your whole business on your website so people who visit your website find something interesting on your digital shop. And third, you can put your existing customers’ reviews and feedback on your website so it attracts new customers. I guarantee you if you follow all these spets your business will never ever shut down.    

Your business never becoming a brand :

When I say shoes and nike comes to mind, is it’s cold brand? When saying cold drink and coca cola comes to mind, is it a cold brand? When i say best western wear and zara comes to your mind is it a cold brand? Yes my friend, when you talk about only one category and one brand of that category comes to mind it’s a cold brand in my opinion. There lots of shoes company, there are lots of cold drink company and they are lots of western wear clothing company in the market but the fist company comes in your mind that company create their company as a brand in your mind. Now think where you see all this brand? I believe on social media platforms and google ads in short on your mobile. And now for you and for everyone, their company is a brand. Whenever you want to buy shoes you search on google nike shoes price.if it’s in your budget you’ll buy it. This is how brands generate huge revenue by just becoming a brand. 

I believe now you understand the difference between business and brand. If you are really enthusiastic and passionate about your business then promote your business on social media and google. And give chase your business to become a big brand.

Thank you,

Darshan Amreliya

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