Marketing fundamentals from basic :

Marketing is a pretty broad term nowadays. So in this blog we are discussing marketing fundamentals from the basics. How is Important for you and how can you get benefits from marketing fundamentals.    

Marketing is not only going dor to dor and sell your product or give free try if you like than buy our product. Marketing is much more than that actually marketing is a science. Marketing starts before creating a product. It starts with understanding the customer and customers’ needs that leads to creating a product that fits. The best part of marketing before selling your product or service to customers is that you have to build trust in the customer’s mind. Without building trust you can’t make your selling deal close.

Word of mouth is the biggest asset for business. The last time you referred some product or service to some of your friends or family members. Why are you referring to that product or service to them ? Does the company give you any kind of commission ? No! Then why are you referring ? You refer to that brand to your friends and family members just because that brand builds trust in building trust with your customer is important. and what if i tell you that i can read your mind. Ok let’s do it. When I say a trusted company in India, the first company that comes to mind is none other than TaTa. because tata company creates trust not in mind but in every indians heart. So now their product sales by just their brand name is the power of creating trust in your customer.

There is a myth that advertising is a kind of marketing. advertising is not marketing its component of marketing. As well as copywriting and sales is also one of the components of marketing. I think marketing is the only career which lasts until humans exist. All the other careers like doctor, engineer, teacher, driver etc all of these are replaceable by robot or artificial intelligence but marketing is not possible without human connection and  if you are good in marketing than congratulations! You will never become jobless.

Traditional marketing VS Digital marketing :

Many people are comparing traditional marketing within digital marketing. In my opinion digital marketing is a one of the types of marketing. Because digital marketing starts with traditional marketing and ends with it. so you can’t compare traditional marketing with digital marketing. No doubt digital marketing is very trendy and effective nowadays but don’t forget that traditional marketing is at the root of digital marketing.

If a product is generic with a very targeted TV ads can reach millions at a low cost (example for: Tata neu). India has TVs’ in 197 million homes out of 298 million homes, with an average of 4-5 members per household, TV has reach of 800 million to 1 billion people in india.

On the other hand, digital marketing is the best medium to reach a fluent English speaking population in India with spending power of 100 million users. Radio has a reach of 65% of the Indian population( source : financial express ). Newspapers have a reach of 465 million people( source : business standard ).   

So this is a difference between traditional and digital marketing. When you are selling low and consumer products that are great products than the traditional market is helpful and when you are focusing on one special category or you have to target an audience thann digital marketing is very effective in that case. 

Niche selection :

Sometimes it is possible you are not able to find a perfect niche for yourself so you can use the method to find a perfect and profitable niche for you. If you follow the method mentioned in the image you can easily. You just have to follow all the steps.

First thing you have to do is to find your passion. It’s not as hard as you think. It’s like you like to do and you do not like to do. Find. what gives you happiness while doing that work. It can be anything like you like taking care of animals, you like to create literature from clay, you like technology etc. whatever gives you pasture you can say it your passion. So just find in yourself what gives you pleasure.

After finding your passion, ask yourself do I have the skill to do work on your passion? If The answer is yes then well and good and move ahead. But if your answer is no then build talent first. Work on your skills and talent. Try to be unique than others in your niche. It gives you more value and wealth. 

And lastly research about your niche’s market. What other people are doing in that field and how they create wealth from that. What is their style of working? Is there any future of your niche? Can you achieve your long term vision in this niche if your answer is yes then select that niche. And start working on that niche from today. 

CATT marketing funnel :

Catt marketing funnel is the best way to become a brand by following steps any business can pursue their long term goal. So if you are planning to create a company then you must focus on this catt marketing funnel. 

Wealth = n^CATT

(n)Niche : your success and wealth depends on the niche you choose. First thing you have to do is find the right niche for you. If you try to be everything to everyone then you will be nobody to everyone.

(c)content : create useful content that attracts people from your niche blog posts, videos, lead magnets, live webinar etc. because content is a very powerful weapon nowadays for marketing so use it wisely.

(a)Attention : to get more and more customers You have to drive attention  to your content using seo, social media, paid ads and reference. Also you can get attention from many people.

(t)Trust : “trust” is a very powerful word in business nowadays as  you can see everywhere cheating and fraud kind of things. That’s why building trust with your customer is a really important part of marketing. By remarketing and marketing automation you can build trust with your customer. 

(t)transaction : content , attention, and trust is useless without transaction. 

 Every business is work for profit. So at the end translation matters the most in catt funnel. Converting your leads into customers with a natural sales method is the most important thing you have to do in marketing.

Integrated digital marketing :

I believe that content is the power without relevant content digital marketing is useless. Most of the people is doing social media marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing, paid ads to direct sale sale is not possible as I learn from digital deepak is that focus on content if you give free content to your target audience and via that content sale your product or service it will give you more ROI than direct sale. So work on content and run advertisements on your content you will definitely get better results.

Creating content is not an easy thing but it’s not as hard as you think once you start working on it. I got an idea how I can create different and creative content for my product or service. If you want to learn about  branding click on the link

Everybody is here (in digital marketing) to sell something like their product or their service so now customers become more smart.  No one will buy your product. At the very first time they see your product. They will cross check and get data from another source or from their friend before they buy. Take your example, have you ever bought a product from an E-commerce platform without seeing that product’s review? 

Personal branding :

Personalbranding is a really wide subject. it’s much more than you think! Just like your company you have to create your own value. In my opinion a personal brand is as valuable as a company’s brand value. Because  customers follow the person or owner they don’t follow the company. People trust Tata products and services just because Ratan Tata. there are lots of example like that example for Testa because of Elon musk, apple because of steve jobs, Microsoft because Bill Gates, reliance because of Dhirubhai Ambani etc

So the first question that comes to your mind is how is that possible? How can we create our personal brand? Start with learning new skills. Tan implements those skills in your daily work. Write what you learn. Teach other people and mentor them what you learn. And lst is to create a startup. It’s a very simple process if you are dedicated toward yourself.

Mass Trust Blueprint : 

This mass trust blueprint can change your life if you work on that step to step. It makes your success journey easier. 

Learn : First step of the Mass trust blueprint is to learn. So learn that skill which you think will give you the result you want in future.upgrade your skill with time.

Work : work in that field and try to get more experience from doing more and more work and research new things in that field. 

Blog : To get success in your niche it’s very important to know your field and guide someone with your knowledge. It is possible only with blogging .Start creating blogs in your niche. It gives you more confidence toward your niche. 

Consult :  Advice is a precious thing you can do to grow in your field because it increases your knowledge so try to consult to others who are in your niche. It will give you more confidence.

Mentore : By mentoring others in your niche you can nurture your skill and talent. By mentoring you get more new connections in your niche and it will give you benefits for a long time.

Startup : After following all the steps in your essay to start a startup in your niche because now you have skill, you have content, you have confidence and also you have your tribe so it’s easy. Some people directly jump into a startup after gaining skill only but they are not successful in their startup because they are not following a mass trust blueprint. 

 This article is a part of my digital marketing internship program. which I am doing with digital deepak. Hope you like it!  Please comment down what you learn from this article.

Thank you

Darshan Amreliya

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