How to Start Fresh

Most of the people can not come out from their bad past and start something fresh in their life. If you are that kind of person then this special article is only for you my friend.Even I pass from this phase of life. I know how it feels when you are stuck in something and you are not able to come out of it and start fresh in your life because of society’s pressure and family’s responsibility.The famous quote comes in my mind right now is “The best time to start was yesterday and The next best time is now.” so just don’t worry about anything to start something new or start something fresh. Because if not today then not ever you can start. So now we are learning how to start fresh step by step.   

1) Think Different :

To start something fresh you have to think differently.every people have their eyes, their ears, their mind so you can see what you want to. listen to what you want to and think what you want to. Because everyone has their own opinion towards anything. So think about what you are good at? Which field gives you as much money as you expect.

You can see successful people in the world. They have different perspectives towards their field. They put 110% of their potential to achieve success in life.

You don’t have to take it too seriously to think differently. Otherwise you spend most of your time and energy towards thinking differently. Take action on your idea. 

2) Change Yourself :

When you run toward your goal it’s very important to change yourself first. To start something new or fresh you have to change yourself. Because you know that “who you are is not capable of achieving success.” you have to start doing what you are not able to do. Example for public speaking. If i give my example to you. I was a very introverted kind of person and I was really scared about public speaking and I don’t like social gatherings and all. But I just love to make people laugh. So I realise that  to be a good comedian I have to be extroverted and start public speaking also. And I start with baby steps towards my passion. I know that it’s not easy but believe me my friend it’s not too hard. 

So to start something fresh you must change yourself first. Once you come out of your comfort zone you feel comfortable everywhere. Most of the people who do not achieve success in their life because they do everything towards their field but they do not change themself. And this is the drawback of unsuccessful peoples’ lives.

3) productivity :

We all have 24 horses in our life. How you use those hours decides the destiny of your life. As we can see right now most of your youth spend their time on social media for enjoyment.first thing you have to do to be productive is make a timetable of your day. Work on it. Whenever you work out your mobile on flight mode. It will give you more productivity in your daily routine.

When you make a schedule of your daily routine it will directly affect your productivity and quality of your daily work. If you work without a schedule you don’t know where you waste your time and energy. You can learn productivity lessons from “RATAN TATA”. At the age of 84 he works more than today’s young generation just because he follows his schedule. If you think that time is free then you are wrong and never get success in your life because time has value. It depends upon the person what is the value of his time so create value of your time.

4) Positive Mindset :

Have you ever thought about what positiveness and negativeness affect our life? Ok lets understand with one simple story. There was a glass of water on the table. After seeing the glass some people say that half of the glass is empty. On the other side some people say that half of the glass is full. If I show you that glass what will you say? You can see here that there are two different mindset people. Those people who say that half of the glass is empty. They are not seeing the positive in the picture. On the other side the people who say half of the glass is full of water. They are the people who are always trying to see something positive in a picture.

I was not that good with book reading.but by time I realised that “GOOD BOOKS ARE TRUE FRIENDS OF HUMAN.” One of my favourite books is “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING” written by PETER THIL. I read it twice. And I realise how our attitude is affecting our life. If you think that I can do it. You can never do that. But once you think it’s hard but nopeoblem I’ll do it. No one stops you to do that. It’s all about your mindset. So always think positive in your life. You will achieve what you want in your life.

5) Think Big :   

One of the famous Gujarati quotes comes to mind when we are talking about           thinking big. The quote is “nishan chuk maaf pan nahi maaf nichu nishan” . It means to dream big if you fail. It’s ok, no problem in that. But if you choose a small dream and you achieve it it’s not that much worthy. Some people fail after getting some success because they are happy with small success, they do not expect too much and they do not think big. That’s why they can’t convert their success into history.

There is a science behind thinking big if you know! When you think big it’s always reminding you that there is something you promise yourself to do so do it now. It puts a kind of pressure to work hard toward your goal and try your best to achieve it. So my friend always thinks big. You will never achieve anything more than your dreams.

6) Measuring Your Life : 

Measuring everything in your life. There are many areas of life you have to measure everytime. The first thing you have to measure in your life is your time. As we all know  how important time is for us. So measure it where you waste most of your time and take action. Measure your expenses where you waste your money and try to save for bad times. Many people don’t even care about their health. so measure your health also and take care of your health.

You can learn from successful people who measure everything in their life.  They don’t even waste a single minute in their life and try to maximise the utilisation of resources to get things done.       

7) Health and Diet :

You are what you eat. So eat wisely you have to decide what is good for your health. There are two types of people in this world. One of them who eats to live and the other one who lives to eat. So you have to decide your category. And spend 30 minutes daily for exercise. It will make your body as well as your mind healthy. You can do meditation. Meditation is very powerful weapon to get suicide. It will increase your self confidence.Read this

You can consume direct or you can say natural products like salad, fruits, beans rather than packing food like chelocs, deep fried items, packing fruit juice etc.

It’s your choice at the end what do you want from life if you want health and wealth in future so take care of your health right now. 

It’s not easy to change yourself immediately and succeed in life. Patience plays a big role in your successful life. If you want to do something, start now and take baby steps towards your goal. Do not wait for the right time because that right time never comes and you never get success. So believe in you and start working towards it. Celebrate your small success but not stop after that dream big. Don’t care about peoples opinion. It creates self doubt in you.and that’s lead you to failure. Do whatever you want to do in your life and give your 100%. Believe in yourself, remember my words if the world is against you don’t worry because God is always there for you.    

Hope you guys enjoy and learn a lot from my first ever blog. Hope it puts value to your life. Even i want to start blogging. I face all the problems you’re facing right now but I start now



Darshan Amreliya

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