How does facebook help to meet my ideal customer?

How does facebook help to meet my ideal customer? This is the most common question which is asked by every business owner whom I meet. My short and simple answer to all the businessmen and to you also is wia facebook ads. no one knows the real use of Facebook. Most of the people use facebook  only for entertainment purposes. On the other side there are few people who make lots of money by promoting their business through facebook ads. Facebook helps them to meet their ideal customer at very low cost. Here’s how facebook ads help your business to meet your ideal customer. Before we start, be clear if you don’t know the meaning of ideal customer. Ideal customer is the person who has interest, potential and a high chance to buy your product. We call them the ideal customer. According to facebook’s recent report, facebook has 2.89 billion monthly active users and facebook’s daily active users are 1.90 billion. These numbers are just out of the mind. how much people spend their time on facebook. With so many active users it’s easy for facebook to find your ideal’t it?  We are discussing in brief how facebook ads help

Personalized :  

Facebook ads are really personalized. Facebook collects as much information as possible from their users. Age, gender, education, marital status, their profession if they are businessman , self employed or jobless etc. so they have a clear understanding about your personality. Facebook asks about your interests and hobbies also to understand you much more. And all this data helps your business to find your ideal customer. let’s understand this with an example- there are 3 users of facebook. The first username is A and she mentions that her interest is in fashion and lifestyle, second username is B and he is interested in music, and third username is C and he is interested in food. Now businessmen come into picture assuming that you are seler of women’s clothing. And if you give me your project to promote your brand on facebook  so firstly I select that this ad only show to the womens because you are selling womens product so there is no meaning to show your ads to all the gender and waste your money and specification i chose that please show ads only who are interested is fashion and lifestyle so in this section we are focus on interest so the people who has interest in fashion and lifestyle where are high chance of buying your product. This is how facebook ads are personalized. 

Specification : 

Just like personalizing facebook ads are more specific also. Facebook ads main goal is to show the right  product or service to the right customer or you can say user. Every time facebook tries to give a good return on investment via facebook facebook shows more specification options in ads example for if you are running tuition classes and you want more students to join your academy. And your academy is in the Adajan area of surat. There is no meaning to showing your ads to whole surat because its not practically possible that other ares student join tuition academy in adajan so with the help of facebook ads you can focus on specific area like adajan so your ads will show only in adajan area student and you get high return on investment. 

This much specific facebook ads work for higher ROI and experience via facebook ads. So it’s really useful for any small business who want to grow their business. I believe that facebook is the best option and facebook gives leads  at very low cost compared to google ads. Facebook ads can start with just a minimum amount of just Rs100. Isn’t it  amazing?

Pixel :

Most important n facebook ads in my opinion is facebook pixel. After reading this paragraph you will also find it really useful. It’s a new word for you maybe but believe me without pixel facebook ads is just nothing. Pixel is a kind of code which we have to put in our website. After we put facebook pixels on our website. Pixel tracks every data who visits our website , where they go , where they click, all of this data is tracked by pixel and whenever we run ads facebook showing our ads to our website visitors who are most likely to buy our product or services.lets understand with an example.suppose you are you are run an art gallery where you sale painting and old monument. Lots of visitors come on a daily basis so you collect the information like their name, location and what they want to buy or showing interest to buy. If they want to buy a painting but they don’t like your current collection of painting, you have their contect number so you can remind them whenever a new painting comes in your art gallery. They are interested in painting for sure if they like your new painting there are high chances of buying a product. This is how facebook pixel works.

Facebook pixel is very useful for retargeting. For any business retargeting is a really important part of sales. If someone shows interest in your product or services but they don’t buy it now you can target them rather than find a new buyer it will convert into sale for sure. This is the power of retargeting. If someone shows your abs everyday and everywhere he or she definitely visits you for sure after that it depends upon your product if your product or services are good than prospect will definitely purchase from you. 

Testing :

Facebook ads are way more budget friendly than tv, newspaper and google ads just because small businesses can try new things in facebook ads and get effective results for their business. It’s all about try and error. Facebook has different features in their ads. By testing different tools we have to decide which is best and suitable for our business and how we can reduce the cost of ads and get good results from facebook ads. Many businessmen complain to me that after spending so many rupees on facebook afds they don’t get the result which is they expat from facebook. So i deeg deep into their problem and in most cases they simply follow steps which they learn from youtube. Every business has different pros and cons and every business has their defiant nature. You can not put all business in one category. 

For every different business facebook has different features. Try different features. Research which is better and cost effective for your business. And apply in your facebook ads. No one is cheaper nowadays who can give you leads at that much cheap facebook provides via their ads. So use it for your business and grow your business with facebook and be digital when the whole world is changing into digitalisation. Old methods are good like tv ads, newspaper and holdings but it’s time to change because your customer is on mobile so nothing is better than mobile to target your customer and generate good revenue from facebook ads.

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