What are the Benefits of SEO?

Hello friend, today we are talking about how seo can help your small business to become a big brand. What do you think? How can you convert your small business into a big brand? When I ask this question to some of my friends and relatives who run small businesses from a long time. Many of them have no answer to my question. Some people have plans and they think with that plan they will grow their businesses. But I prove them wrong that their plan is not 100% perfect. I ask you the same question: How can you convert your small business into a big brand? Ok let me clear you in my opinion big brand means the business who has 10M loyal customers for their product or service. All the other businesses who have less than 10M loyal customers and they are making more money are also not a big brand in my opinion. 

First baby step you take to grow your business with the digital world is through SEO. The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. Because of lack of knowledge many people think that it’s impossible to convert a small business into a big brand through seo. Amazon, Microsoft and Apple etc all big brands still spend lots of money in seo. Still you think seo is not that much effective? 

So here I make my first video on youtube about the “benefit of seo” . How small businesses benefit from seo. Hope you like it. I believe that if you are still confused about seo i recommend you just go and watch it once. Your point of view toward seo will change. Learn more.

Which on page element carries the most weight for SEO is the question which is trending, so here you can read about all the elements which is important in on page SEO.

Hope you understand the importance of SEO. If you want to learn more about SMM click on the link.

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Darshan Amreliya

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